How To Kill Termites

How To Kill Termites Effectively

If you are a homeowner, there probably are a couple of words that send shivers down your spine – one of them being the word “termites.” These tiny little creatures can destroy your home by causing severe structural damage to any part of your home made out of wood.

Termites find their way into your home by seeking out cracks in the structure or the spot where the building meets the ground, plus they can get through spaces only 1/64 of an inch big! The damage they do, unfortunately, is generally not included in your homeowner’s insurance – so how can you kill termites?

First thing you need to do is identify that you do have a termite problem. You can look for termite fecal materials, little wings around your house, mud tubes on the outside of your house, and wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it. Anyone of these signs can indicate that you are facing a termite problem.

Next, if you want to know how to kill termites yourself, keep in mind that it will not be an easy task. For an average sized house, it requires usually between 80-200 gallons of termiticide. Hope you have a big bucket!

How To Kill TermitesAnother thing to consider with treating your infestation yourself is the amount of physical labor you will need to do – you will need to dig a six inch by six inch trench all around your house to fill up with termiticide, four gallons worth every ten feet.

You soon may find that the answer to “How to kill termites” is not as easy as you were hoping. That is why it can be a good idea to consult a professional; someone who has the knowledge, skills, and tools to get the job done in a timely manner. For example, as opposed to your little bucket that you would have to fill a million times with termiticide, these individuals have 100 gallon pressure sprayers that can quickly treat your home.

Additionally, there is nothing that you have invested more time or money on than your home. It will definitely be well worth your money to treat it with a professional. They can use a combination of methods to ensure that these pests are killed and construct a barrier to keep this problem from recurring again.

You can understand why many people agree that preventing termites in the first place is better than getting rid of them later on. For the future, termites are attracted to moisture sources so try to eliminate any leaks or cracks that your house may have that can let moisture inside. Keep your gutters and roof maintained and cleaned to prevent standing water issues.

In conclusion, if you were wondering how to kill termites, you may be a little overwhelmed with the process. Thankfully, there are many people out there that have made this problem their life’s work that can help you out. With their assistance, your termites will be a thing of the past.

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